Ridge & Scrase

Multi-Media Drawing and Sonic Art Collaboration

Abstract Single-Colour Photocopy Experiments

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This particular experiment came about initially by chance (with a small helping of technical trickery!).

First off we created a series of postcard sized abstract rubber-stamped images utilising an assortment of discarded objects such as washers, polystyrene and cassette tape. Afterwards three postcards were selected and photocopied using the little known single-colour function (red or green) in the settings menu. A different rubber-stamped image was then photocopied in B&W on top of the single-colour image producing the two rather marvellous pieces featured.

Expect further pieces using this technique in the near future…



Deconstructed Joint Portrait


What do you get when you merge the marvellous images of Ridge and Scrase together? Here’s your answer! This disturbing image is a drawing of our recent merged collage portrait. Hoorah!

Carbon pencil on watercolour paper.

Tear, Collage, Photocopy and Repeat

A small collage and photocopier experiment!

We both took a black and white front-facing photo of each other; both photos were printed, hastily torn sideways into strips and reassembled. The collages were photocopied on a high contrast text setting which was again torn sideways, reassembled and photocopied; this process was repeated once more. Both our faces gradually merge and distort together whilst the photocopying itself degrades each copy of a copy as successive copies are created.


Collaborative Mail Art Postcard

Postcard Front

Postcard Back

This is a quick and fun project we both tried!

Michael initially fashioned a crude collage from a weathered nightclub postcard and heavily decayed flier remains torn from street walls. Beth then vigilantly stitched into the postcard, using black thread to highlight the multitude of fragmented torn edges and textures.

Ridge & Scrase Zine #4

zine 4 1
zine 4 2
zine 4 3

It’s been nearly a whole year since we put out a zine (shocking!) but FINALLY we’re eager to announce our fourth mini zine “4”. For this edition you’ll encounter eight pages of new and enigmatic collages, with many printed in glorious full colour! Inspiration and materials for many of the pieces come from variety of different sources; including a collection of letters, drawings and photographs from a Norwich gentleman who served during WW2. Amazingly his relatives were going to dispose of the lot; thankfully we saved everything and now it’s in our possession for safekeeping.

If you would like a copy please contact us on the form below:

8th December Collage

8th December Collage

What do you do when you have a pile of crumbling 1941 newspapers, a National Geographic magazine from 1986 and spare 30 minutes?…. create a spontaneous collage of course!

Success at Norwich Castle!

BYO at Norwich Castle yesterday was a big success! We made ourselves quite at home in the Maker’s Space and met some fantastic visitors who were all very keen to try out our interactive pieces, with some highly-positive results!

We had a lot of fun demonstrating a Drawdio pencil:


The Drawdio pencil is a small sound synthesizer mounted onto a graphite pencil (graphite conducts electricity) which plays musical tones as you write or draw. In the process of producing these sounds, the pencil uses your body as a resistor, sending a whopping 3 volts straight through you in order to complete the electrical circuit. And if you join hands with the person next to you, they also become part of the resistive loop meaning you can all create sounds together! Just check out these guys in action:

[Photographs used with permission from participants]

What’s interesting is that the tone and pitch of the sounds vary from person to person (depending on the electricity current already present in your body). Water is  a great conductor of electricity too, so the sweatier your hands are whilst you hold the pencil, the louder the tone will be!

If you’d like to learn more about (or even create your own!) Drawdio pencil, click here:  http://makezine.com/projects/drawdio-musical-pencil/

Secondly –

Can you imagine taking a tape-reader out of a cassette tape, turning it into a pen and playing the tape externally (in a manner not dissimilar to playing a violin)? No? Well then you’re in luck because we did it for you – our second sound piece was a tape head pen reader conceptualised by Mike:

This was again a very popular piece and many of our visitors young and old were keen to try it out:

The suspended tape was visually very appealing also, and in hindsight subtly reminiscent of Monika Grzymala’s tape installations.

Alongside the sound pieces were Elizabeth’s BYO display pieces including Macramé records and a sewn replica of a smashed mobile phone, both of which were popular and excellent conversation starters on the concept of play/exploration (more thoughts on that here).

All in all a very successful day, and we’d like to say a massive thank you to all of you awesome visitors who took part in our demonstrations! For the archived version of this post with additional photos, sound clips and a video, see our new BYO page here.

And to end, here’s a picture of the mighty R&S in action:

Awesome one


Build Your Own: Tools for Sharing


Drop by and watch us work in the Maker Space of Build Your Own: Tools for Sharing; the current temporary exhibition at the Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery! We’ll be in the space from 11am – 3pm on 16 November.

On the day we’ll be crafting a sprawling interactive sound-based installation using magnetic audio tape, demonstrating a Drawdio musical pencil AND experimenting with other sonic based drawing activities!

This forms part of Michael’s artist-in-residence; for the other dates he is creating sound-based site specific works using cassette loops, hand-cut records and hand built musical instruments/devices.

For further information on what Michael is doing please visit the residency page on this site:

For more information on the exhibition itself:

“Perspicuus / Filum” Photographic Documentation

Photographer and experimental electronic musician Thorsten Soltau has very kindly sent us a set of wonderful high quality digital photographs depicting our Perspicuus / Filum acetate zine.
For several years Thorsten has documented many of Mike’s Quagga Curious Sounds releases and this particular zine caught his eye!

For further information on Thorsten’s work visit:

Norwich Zine Fair Vol. 2

Norwich Zine Fair last weekend was a big success!

Our first ever Zine Fair went brilliantly – we launched three new zines at the fair, including our latest collaborative release Perspicuus Filum, Mike’s new solo Zine (under Zebra Mu) and Beth’s first solo Zine April 2015 (Untitled).

We drummed up lot of interest at the fair and met some amazing Zine artists from all over Norfolk; expanding our network and even securing a few interviews on our work.

Now we don’t wish to brag but we think ours was the best-looking stall there:

There are a few copies of all these Zines still available – please message us for details on how to get your hands on a copy.

Next Zine Fair will be happening around Autumn time – we wil keep you posted as we know more and can’t wait to see you there!